Organizational Behaviour


Organizational Behavior Analysis: FMC Corporation
Introduction & Background
      FMC Corporation is working in the field of manufacturing, as a world class business organization. The company operates its business, all over the globe, with the help of its sub- units, which are located at different places of the world. Two of the well -known business units of the company are the Green River and Aberdeen. Both the units of the FMC Corporation operate in different fields. The Green River unit operates in manufacturing of the chemical substances; while the Aberdeen Unit operates in the manufacturing of equipments used in defense industries. Although, both the units are operating in the best possible manner, but in the Green River unit of the company, there are several problems in the organizational behavior. The Site Manager of the unit, Kenneth Dailey wants to have some effective recommendations to solve the problems of the unit (FMC Corporation. 2008).
Organizational Analysis
      By a deep analysis of the ‘organizational behavior’ of both the units, of the organization, it is observed that the workers at the Aberdeen unit are having a better work environment than that of the Green River unit. The employees of the Green River unit are not satisfied with the management practices of the company. There are three main problems in the organizational behavior of the Green River unit, which are leadership, communication and work groups or team.
Work Groups or Teams: The work groups or teams are the basic requirement of the all the business units in the present business scenario. There are several plants of the Green River unit at which different human resources work. Due to the work division, the formation of ‘work groups’ and ‘team’ are not possible in the unit. This reduces the productivity of the company, as well as, provides de-motivation to the employees.
Communication: Proper communication channel is the key of...