Organizational Analysis Paper

Assignment: Organizational Analysis Paper
HCS/310: Health Care Delivery in the United States
David Olsen
Gigi Johnson
March 28th, 2011

Organizational Analysis Paper
Cardiovascular disease has been around since before it could be diagnosed, The American Heart Association is a company which begin early last century. It started with a team of doctors and social workers searching for a method to increase the amount as well as quality of information on cardiovascular disease.   In 1924, a few more organizations joined in this quest and the American Heart Association was formed. From 1924, the American Heart Association has progressed monetarily, in the size, across the country as well as worldwide, and has incorporated the participation of both medicinal and non-medicinal unpaid helpers ("American heart association," 2010)
Type of Organization
The American Heart Association is the biggest voluntary fitness company in the USA
battling versus cardio disorders and heart stroke ("American heart association," 2010)These days the American Heart Association consists of numerous greatly qualified and seasoned cardiologists, caring unpaid helpers, and many other essential workers. The organization is presently situated in Dallas, Texas with eight associated clinics spread all through the nation and Puerto Rica, having the objective of creating better lives, free from heart strokes, and cardio illnesses ("American heart association," 2010). The American Heart Association strives to spread knowledge about cardiovascular disease as well as heart strokes, high blood pressure levels and obesity. By spreading the awareness of these conditions and their causes they want to hopefully motivate people to choose better lifestyle, diet and exercise plans. Along with the assistance of other companies, organizations this company is reaching its goal on spreading cautionary information to the general public.
Functions and Responsibilities
The American Heart Association has...