Training and Devlopment


Training and Development

Choosing the right training and development program is imperative for the success of any company.   The training and development program should be comprehensive and have positive results when evaluated for effectiveness.   This paper discusses the training need analysis required to identify if training is needed, lesson plan, training evaluation and methods of training
Training Need Analysis
Comcast is a cable communications company that has approximately 100,000 employees worldwide.   They offer video, high speed internet, voice over internet protocol telephony, and interactive media services worldwide.   These services are offered to both business and residential customers. Their customer services can be broken down per the following data:
  * 23.9 million cable customers (video)
  * 15.3 million high-speed internet customers
  * 7.0 million Comcast Digital Voice customers (VoIP)
All the aforementioned customer related services are installed by Comcast trained communication technicians or third party contract affiliates.   One of the biggest issues Comcast faces right now is the increased number of failed installs, repeat trouble calls for the same problem, and craftsmanship issues within their technical operations department.   Conducted will be training needs assessment that includes an organizational analysis, task analysis, and a person analysis to show how training will benefit Comcast as a organization and help them achieves their goals set in their strategic plan.
Organizational Analysis
An organizational analysis survey will be performed by upper management.   The assessment will address whether or not a training program will help Comcast follow its strategic plans and stay focused on its desired strategic direction.   A sound technical training program will positively affect the relationship between Comcast and their customers in a positive way and reduce the number of repeat calls and failed...