Oranganizing Management

Organizing Management Function

University of Phoenix

    MGT 330

Organization Function of Management

The organizing function of management is to establish the internal organizational structure of the organization, and to focus on the areas such as, division of labor, coordination, control of tasks, and the flow of information within the organization.   In addition to those areas, it involves insuring the necessary resources are available to carry out the plan, and involves the process of creating structure, relationships and allocating resources to succeed with the completion of the goals.   In the relation to government organizations, the organizing function of management is important.   It enables government officials to ensure their resources are properly allocated and distributed efficiently and effectively.   Resources such as physical assets, monetary, human resources, knowledge, and technology play an important role in the operation of any government office.
Human Resources
Human resources, pertaining to government offices, can be defined as the different kinds of professional and non-professional staff responsible for public and internal support.   The performance and benefits the system can deliver is dependant largely on the knowledge, skills, and ambition of the individuals responsible for administering the tax laws and follow the code.   The size, distribution, and composition of the taxation department is important, because it indicates to the public the efficiency and effectiveness of the delivery of services to the taxpayers.   More staff is needed in the personal income tax areas because the majority of taxes that are collected are the personal income taxes associated with income.   A properly trained and competent staff is essential to the success of the tax department, so new options for the education and training of tax agents are required to ensure that the staff is aware and prepared to meet the needs of the public.
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