Katz Management

The nineteen century has seen the birthplace and the start of a new   intellectual approach and reasoning towards the managers role within a company. A more scientific method and approach to management was developed by Katz and Taylor.
The manger I interviewed, was Mr Gustavo Tampalini who is the housing manager for the Pormpuraaw Shire Council, located in the far north of Queensland.   He also has on numerous occasions acted as the CEO for the Shire. Gus main duties are as a senior manager are   to maintain a number of properties and workshops within the community, thereby promoting a healthy and   safe environment for the locals. He   oversees various projects, ranging from main road development to Repair and Maintenance of housing.   His main duties and area of expertise are within the boundary of project development and management and supervising employees and projects.   He also is the liaison and   spokesman for the shire, dealing   with various Government bodies, contractors and Shire employees.   in his managerial role   and in answer to the questionnaire, Mr Gus Tampalini   wittingly or unwittingly seems to adhere to the Katz and Taylor scientific principles,
Taylor's principles of scientific management                                                             • Science, not rule-of-thumb;
• Scientific selection of the worker
• Management and labour cooperation rather than conflict
• Scientific training of workers
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katz management skills
Robbins management 5 page 15
In order to successfully fulfil his role, Mr Gus Tampalini, encompass these principles in his daily management tasks.   He has a sound knowledge of the goals ahead and   how to transform a conceptual idea to a fully fledge project,   Thus minimising the cost involved, adhering to the budgeted capital and monitoring   the project development timeframe...