Four Functions of Management

Four Functions of Management
Johnny L Rivers
MGT 330 Management
November 06, 2009
Dr. Anthony Bretti
Four Functions of management
Any group or organization, whether old or new, whether big or small need to run smoothly and achieve the objectives and goals which it has set forth. For this reason organization and companies have developed and implement their own management concepts. There are four management concepts they use. These concepts allow any organizations to handle the tactical, set and planned decisions. (2009) To have control over the preventive measure the four basic functions of management must be implemented. Putting planning, organizing, leading, and controlling into action require forming groupswith these specific tasks at hand.
The second function of the management is getting organized. Structuring the work of the organization is a vital concern order to reach the objective outlined in the planning process. Organization is a matter of appointing individuals to responsibilities or assignments that blend together to accomplish the goals driven by one purpose. These goals will be reached in accordance with the company’s procedures and values. A manager must know the internal and external of the company; however, his most important valuable resource is the employee. This is achieved through setting up the training for the employees, management staffing the work division, organizing the work group into a productive team, and acquiring resources. Developing the companies’ internal structure is very important to a companies’ future success. Department must be establish and personnel must be structured. The finance allotted for internal funds must not exceed the revenue expected by the planning. Organization management is the second key to a successful outlook; however, it takes everyone work in their own capacity with togetherness. (Allen, 1998)
Controlling is the last step to these functions. Controlling is very vital to making sure...