Conflict Management

Conflict Management

Industrial organizations follow certain functional approaches; whether the organization is small or large, public or private sector to achieve the goals.

They are
    ❖ What goals must be established
    ❖ What means will be used for the conduct of the work
    ❖ Problems must be solved
    ❖ Decisions must be made
    ❖ Plans must be established
    ❖ Budgets must be prepared
    ❖ Responsibilities must be assigned and authority must be delegated. What needs are to be served.

  All the tasks are involved in the Management of work.   To perform all the above tasks, the Management has to split into two major Departments viz. – Line department and Staff Department.

    I. The Functions Of The Line Department Are
        1. Corporate Planning
        2. Decision Making
        3. Production and Marketing

    II. The Function Of Staff Department Are
        1. To advise and assist the line department function towards achievement of goals
        2. Services rendering to the line functions.

A conflict is a dispute or a struggle in which each party expresses hostility towards the other party or interferes intentionally with other party’s goals attainment.   Conflict can also be a disagreement about the allocation of scarce resources or a clash of statuses, values, perceptions or personalities.

Behavioral scientists agree that conflict is an abnormal phenomenon with only negative consequences.

Reasons for conflicts
Ignorance plays a significant role in shaping one’s belief and views, along with one’s personal interest and ego.   The majority of conflicts between line and staff functionaries are, perhaps, caused by this.

        1. Line Department Complains that
              ❖ The staff people encroach upon their authority and prerogatives.
              ❖ The advice given by staff people is mostly academic and unhelpful in achieving production goals.
              ❖ When a projects...