Options for Implementing a Leadership Change

Organizational Leadership/531
June 15, 2010
Sharon Patterson

    Gene One is making a move to release an initial public offer (IPO) to take the organization from a private company to a public company. With the tragic loss of the organizations chief executive officer (CEO), the organization needs to evaluate the leadership styles of each of the remaining leaders to determine the best course of action for the organization. Defining each leader’s style will help with developing a new leadership structure that will help the organization grow at the rate Wall Street and other investors are expecting. Gene One’s structure will assist in the end vision for the organization; through this dramatic change in leadership, the organization will need to ensure this leadership shift will meet the needs of the organizations goals.  
Leadership Styles
    The remaining four leaders for the organization have different leadership styles, each style will complement the others styles to create a leadership team that will take Gene One to the next level, a public company. Charles Jones is the current marketing officer for the organization. His mindset is to ask questions and analyze decisions prior to making those decisions. His strength is in critical thinking and making the right decisions for the organizations future. Charles is dedicated   to branding the Gene One as the leader in innovative technology about gene research (University of Phoenix, 2005). Charles’ style will work well with a top decision maker position like CEO. Charles can gain the trust and buy-in of the rest of the leadership team, the organization, and the public, making him the perfect candidate for the top position in the organization. Charles’ focus is on the big picture for the organization, which attributes to his weakness of making decision more slowly than the rest of the leaders.
    Michelle Houghton is a dedicated financial leader whose efforts with the organization helped build the...