Options for Implementing a Leadership Change

Options for Implementing a Leadership Change

Gene One has been preparing for a leadership change and this new leadership strategy will be the core in order to make the public offering successful, as Don would have wanted it. Gene One is now an established organization, making a name for itself in its bio-tech industry, and the new wave of change will help make going public everything Don had hoped it would be except more prepared, stronger, and with a more solid foundation. The change strategy, or the “what” will be changed, is the first item for discussion. The next item will be the “how” on understanding the leadership structure and style that will be used in order for the strategy to take effect and be distributed across the board from the highest level of management all the way down the pipeline to every employee that receives a pay check form Gene One.   Ultimately, these two things will lead up to the end vision of Gene One and what we have all worked hard to develop.
The Change Strategy
Leadership must all come together to make this change effective and we will be listening to everyone’s opinions and concerns on the subject. But I do believe that everyone understands and agrees that the organization is headed for a new era and going public is definitely something that needs to be done, but in time.
Some people may feel that the change is not needed, unfeasible, too high of a cost, may feel that their values or status will be threatened, or maybe even fearful of personal failure in the new environment. These are all natural and understandable feelings, as well. I can guarantee that no one will lose their status or have their values threatened and we will discuss this as a team.
It is possible, as many organizations have done this before, and we all know that Gene One is capable of being successful in any situation as long as we work together and stay focused. The cost issue will be one of our top priorities, in fact, the...