Options for Implementing a Leadership Change

In 1996 Gene One entered the biotechnology field and grew from the initial $2 million start-up investment into a $400 million business in eight years.   Gene One is a biotech company that develops a genetic material that eliminates diseases on potatoes and tomatoes.   As a result of Gene One’s technology, farmers no longer need to use pesticides when growing these plants and consumers are pleased to buy homegrown products untainted by chemicals.   Gene One Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Don Ruiz and his Senior Leadership Team members believe that if the company is to continue its annual target growth of 40% each year, the company will need to go public with an Initial Public Offering (IPO) for development, marketing and advertisement.   The company has established a target to meet within three years of starting the process and acquiring an IPO.   Gene One CEO and his Senior Leadership Team members, along with the help of valuable members in the investment community, have developed a clear strategic plan.
Implementation Plan
Gene One is implementing a strategic plan to become a public company, and this will create an excellent opportunity for the company and give Gene One a competitive advantage in the biotechnology industry.   For Gene One to employ the company's goals they first have to address the issues they have within the company.   With Gene One possessing no experience implementing an IPO among its Senior Leadership Team or staff members, the CEO must decide on if to hire new members and let half of his original team go to ensure the strategic plan is a success.   Specific rules and regulation from the Security Exchange Committee (SEC) and Wall Street need to be implied and all disclosure financial statements must be accurate.  

Gene One will need to regain the trust from its Senior Leadership Team, supervisors and employees.   The company’s key issue is how to capitalize on their profit accordingly in which it would benefit everyone...