Online Pre-Enrolment

Overview of the Current State of Technology
Computers have also a great advantage in terms of data storing and processing big quantities of data. In an educational institution like colleges and universities, they require to use it to store large amount of data records of students with in terms of their admission, enrolment and curricular purposes.
At Bulacan State University Meneses Campus Bulakan, Bulacan, there are more than a thousand of students were enrolled with different courses and year levels. The population of the said university continues to grow which means that more records to be produced that will be handled by the school registrar. Although there is an existing computerized system of enrolment in the said campus, the administration seems so hard for them to cope up with a more organize and smooth process of managing the enrolment.
During the day of enrolment, enrollees come early in the morning assuring that they will get the number being given by the security guard as a ticket that they will be the one who will be entertained first by the cashier and accounting. In accordance to the advising of subjects, they need to submit their certificate of grades (COG) to the adviser and they will list it to the student’s record of grades of the course curriculum. An advising slip will be given to the enrollee for him to list his subjects that he can enroll and it will be presented to the accounting for assessment. After the assessment form was released, the enrollee will proceed to the cashier for payment and the receipt will be forwarded back to the accounting for the release of Certificate of Registration (COR).