Analyse the Impact of Legislative Requirements on the Work of the Careers Information and Guidance Service.

Assignment 2 Unit 01
This assignment is an analysis of the legislative requirements, Codes of Practice and ethics underpinning my work in the careers guidance sector.
Analyse the impact of legislative requirements on the work of the careers information and guidance service.

Sector Skills Service & The Company Ltd supports the 'Governments Strategy for Skills' and the directives given by the 'Minister for Further Education, Skills & Lifelong Learning' and the 'Secretary of State for Business, Innovation & Skills'.

The 'Government Strategy' states that training organisations will be given the flexibility they need to respond to the demands of employers and learners with more people being encouraged to take part in adult community learning. The Company welcomes the statements by the Ministers that the government is to encourage adult community learning. The Company understands that skills training and qualifications are vital to ensuring people are job ready to move into employment. The Company supports the governments’ flexible approach to skills training and delivers skills training built around the needs of local employers and of those seeking work.

In his Ministerial Foreword to the National Careers Service: The Right Advice At The Right Time publication John Hayes, Minister of State for Further Education, Skills and Lifelong
Learning states:
“Through the matrix quality Standard, we are making it easier to check that organisations providing information and advice meet national standards. Alongside that, I want those who provide careers advice and guidance for a living to take up their rightful mantle: as trusted experts, wise in their counsel and respected by those who look to them.”

The paper goes on to state:
Wherever people seek advice on learning and work, they should know that they are getting a high quality service.

There will be clear national quality standards. The matrix Standard is the Government’s badge of quality...