Profile the Market

Question 1
What segmentation criteria did Sno use? What criteria did he not use? What may have been the impact on the success of Sno’s marketing plan of his choice of segmentation criteria?

Sno used geographic usage and some limited demographic data such as occupation and limited buying behavior and benefits sought data.
Sno did not use demographic data such as age income and gender.
Sno may have targeted segments for which he had no real understanding of their attitudes to chaff their buying behavior or their capacity to pay. He may have targeted segments which would not respond to a premium pricing for the benefits and he may have targets markets which were not influenced to believe his claims by data testimonials.

Question 2
Were there any elements of what defines a useful segment that Sno did not include in his segmentation? What impact may that have had on the success of   his marketing plan?
Sno identified segments of sufficient size and the purchasing power can be assumed from their previous purchasing of competitor products. Although, Sno did not understand the impact of a 30% premium in price on prospective customers’ perceived purchasing power.
Snow identified several communication channels which would reach the recreational events and mustering segments-local   newspapers, horse magazines, horse product supply channels, agricultural shows and websites.
The segments had been around for a long time and were likely to be around for a long time in the future.
Sno did not know how consumers in each segment might react to communication stimulus.

Question 3
What was Sno’s positioning strategy
Premium long life product.

Question 4
What additional data would have been helpful to prioritize Sno’s marketing options for the events segment
Their age or internet usage and download speed.
The importance of the decision to buy feed for their horses.
Their level of knowledge of horse feed technical data.
The importance of...