On the Job Training

10.2 OJT

In my opinion, orientation and training methods are very important and are also the heartbeat of a company.   My grandfather had an old saying that goes like this “your business is as only as strong as its strongest employee.”   I believe that he was exactly right.   Having strong employees that are trained properly, effectively, and correctly will ensure that any business has the potential to succeed.


If I were designing an orientation/training program, there would be several stages.   Over a three day period, I would introduce them not only to each other but to the company as a whole.   The first day of my orientation and training program, I would have the employees meet all within the same room.   This would begin at an early hour in the morning while employees are their freshest and sharpest.   I would start this portion of the OJT by giving a small speech which welcomed everyone and outlined each part of the three day event.   I would also want to hand deliver an itinerary that outlines each part of the three day event as well.   In that itinerary, each employee could find a detailed description of the three day event that outlines the time frames for each.   After giving my welcome speech and hand delivering the itineraries, I would then instruct each employee to take one hour to walk around and get to know each other.   This would be a no stress break that would allow the employees to get familiar with each other and grab some breakfast from a table and a cup of coffee.   In my opinion, people tend to bond over food and in that type of atmosphere.   Next, we would rejoin in the conference center to reconvene and discuss the remainder of the day and the next two days as well.   I would instruct everyone at this point as to the next part of the orientation which would include the history of the company, the branches of the retail chain, and all of the mottos, philosophies, and stances of the chain.   Now for this portion of the day, I would...