Hrm/531 - Training Plan

Training Development

Training Development Plan
University of Phoenix

As we move forward with incorporating the sales team members from InterClean and EnviroTech, there will be a necessity to incorporate a detailed training program.   Cascio (2006, p. 286) defines training as “planned programs designed to improve performance at the
individual, group, and/or organizational levels”.   Since we will now be offering a solution based service system to our customers, we will be introducing a new training and mentoring program that will meet the individual needs of our sales team as well as meeting the needs of the company.   In an article published in Law Practice: The Business of Practicing Law by Clay, T. (2009), a law firm introduced a new training and mentoring program to improve the revenues produced by individual lawyers.   The results of the program “yielded a $7.5 million increase in fee receipts over a two-year period, based on a $150,000 program investment”.   The company has dedicated the needed resources for the accomplishment of the new training and mentoring programs and is committed to continued support.
This report will document the objectives of the training and mentoring program, the performance standards, the methods the training will be delivered, the content of the material, the time frame for completion, the methods used to evaluate the training and employees, and feedback.  
The objectives of the training program are to align the sales staff with the vision of the company.   That vision is to provide the customers with a solution based service program not just only selling cleaning supplies.   Cascio (2006, p. 292) indicates that “The means that firms use to compete for business in the marketplace and to gain competitive advantage are known as competitive strategies.   A key objective of any training program, therefore, is to tie workplace training to business targets”.   Therefore, the new training and mentoring program will...