Odysseus Role of the Bow

Athena prompts Penelope to give Odysseus’ bow to the suitors in order to have a contest for her hand.   She gets a bronze key with an ivory handle and opens the storeroom to get the bronze/gold/iron bow.
How did Odysseus get the bow?   A debt was due because the Messenians took 300 sheep along with the shepherds from Ithaca. Odysseus was a young man sent to Lacedaemon in order to get the debt paid. On the trip, Odysseus meets Iphitus (Eurytus’ son) AND THEY EXCHANGE GIFTS.   Odyssues gives him a sword and spear and Iphitus gives Odysseus the bow. Before they can become better friends, Zeus’ son kills Iphitus. Odysseus takes the bow back to Ithaca and keeps it there. He does NOT take it to Troy because it was a memento.
TWO maid servants went with Penelope to take the case that held the bow to the hall where the servants were.   They carried the wicker basket that held broze and iron gear used for the contest.
Contest: Penelope states that she will marry whoever can bends the bow and slips the string on its notch and shoots the arrow through 12 axes. She states she will leave the house.
Eumaeus is ordered to set out the bow for the suitors. He cries as does the cowherd and Antinous scoffs at them. Antinous does relate that he remembers Odysseus was the best at this. (he never touches an arrow for the contest but touches the arrow that Odysseus shoots into his throat).
Telemachus tires to string the bow three times and on the fourth try he would have gotten it but Odysseus signaled him to stop. He wants to do this to prove his strength and that he deserves his place in his father’s house but instead he says that he is too weak to defend himself against the enemy.
The contest: Order is left to right the way the wine is poured. Leodes goes first   (he loathed the way the suitors acted) and failed.
Antinous orders Melanthius to grease the bow. Only Antinous and Eurymachus ( the strongest and ringleaders) were left in the contest.
PLOT: Odyssues follows the...