Obama Rebutal

Obama Care Rebuttal

I chose to rebuttal a article I read titled Obama Care. In this rebuttal I will discuss how Obama care hurts hard working Americans, how Obama care rewards the lower class by destroying the middle class and how Obama care will fall into pieces.
Obama Care is hurting all classes of Americans. I am going to use my wife and I as an example. My wife’s company offered health care for the both of us for $300 a month. Once Obama Care went into affect the price of health care for just her went up to $700 a month; adding me to that health care plan would cost us $1200 a month. So basically before Obama Care, we paid for the two of us $300 a month, post Obama Care we will have to pay $1200 for the same exact plan. This is not only us but everyone else. It punishes people who make more money. Also, why does an 18 year old male or female in perfect health have to pay for insurance when they do not want it. Now Obama Care is mandating that they pay for health care or will be penalized come tax season if not.
Obama Care is designed to provide health care, to provide cheap health care, to the elderly and to the poor. In turn, middle class and above will see over a 400% increase in price in some cases. Those people who see a spike in their health care plan are likely paying for the lower class’s health care. I do not agree with this as it has affected my family. Why should I have to pay for other people’s health care? This is the definition of anti-American.
Obama Care is already hated by a vast majority of Americans. Don’t ask me how the Obama Care law was even approved; I suspect foul play. I do feel that Obama Care will fall apart and many people will see how ineffective it is. Let’s talk about Doctors. If a Dr. is seeing 500 patients pre-Obama Care, with Obama Care in affect it will force the Dr. to take in any and all patients, which can increase the average Dr.’s patient intake to over 500%. So if that Dr. was seeing 500 patients,...