Michelle Obama

Dear First Lady Michelle Obama:

I want to start by commending you on an outstanding start as First Lady of our country.   Not only have you supported your husband, President Obama, in an extraordinary fashion, but you have launched your career and your programs such as “Let’s Move” all while continuing to stay committed to Malia and NaTasha while being fashionable at all the same time!   The commitment you have to your family is mind-blowing and sets the perfect example for other families throughout this country to emulate.   We know that in 2010, families come in all different forms.   Whether the family is headed by a grandparent, single-parent, foster parent, or a set of friends, I am adamant about the importance of our connectedness to one other.   Strengthening families is something that can attack homelessness at its core.

Family is the institution that constructs a person’s worldview, develops their ability to trust others and acts as a catalyst for emotional development.   At the age of 22, I am finally realizing how important my family is to me.   I am blessed to have somewhere to rest my head at night, people to share my dreams, ideas, thoughts and passions with, and people to support me as encounter every valley in my life’s trials as well as cross every milestone in my life’s successes.   Everyone is not afforded this blessing.   I feel that is it our country’s responsibility to reach out its open arm to the ones who do not have someone to run to.

If bestowed with the honor of working with you First Lady, I will help you create an agenda that can help persons who have been displaced from their families.   I always come in contact with veterans, teenagers, men and women who have been neglected, abused, disappointed and simply have nowhere to turn. Who better than us to provide them with adequate resources, services, opportunities and simply a shoulder to lean on?   With our help, these people can begin to thrive and enjoy the America I have loved since...