Obamas Health Reform

Dianne Hernandez
Professor Rodolfo Rivas
July 20, 2010
There are many issues revolving around Obama’s “Health Care Plan”. The first and probably most controversial issue is who should receive healthcare? Should you and I be able to receive the same healthcare as a U.S Congressman? That is a very heated topic that will be elaborated on as this paper unfolds. Another very interesting issue that hits close to home is that of healthcare for illegal immigrants. Illegal immigrants will, under no circumstance, be allowed to receive healthcare unless they have been here for at least five years. And finally, the last issue on my agenda is that of Abortion and how it will be covered under this new plan. Will this new plan cover an abortion for a rape victim? Or will they simply have to pay out of pocket for this horrible act? These are serious issues surrounding this new plan and I will address their importance and how they affect us all.
This new bill will call for universal healthcare where everyone is covered by basic healthcare coverage and no one will be denied care as long as they are legal residents. By 2014, everyone will need to purchase healthcare just like everyone needs to purchase auto insurance now a days. If they fail to purchase healthcare, they will be forced to pay a penalty of $695 per year. The controversy lays in how the care will be administered. Will the same care be available for everyone no matter race, gender or economic and social class? The answer to this question is quite confusing. Everyone (besides illegal immigrants and people with pre-existing conditions) have access to healthcare and will not be refused care if they cannot afford it. Although we are making huge strides in the direction to an almost perfect universal healthcare such as Germany, we still remain off track because service is not being catered to all.
A major issue that hits close to home is that of negating healthcare to illegal immigrants. Health care will not...