Nvq Level 2 204 Assignment

Assignment 205
Introduction to Duty of Care in
Health, Social Care or children’s
And young people’s settings

Task A- Letter

Dear Lisa,
    I hear that you are thinking of working in care. I think you should know and understand what is meant by the term Duty of Care. Duty of care is a responsibility to keep people in our care safe from harm for example, this could be if a member of staff is on the premises regardless if they are on their break, then they have a responsibility to ensure the safety of the individuals who use the service. I also means that you have a responsibility in completing tasks to the highest possible standard so that individuals receive the care they need.
In our workplace we have a Duty of Care to our residents. We are responsible for every resident in our care. As a Health Care Assistant we try to encourage residents to live independently as much as possible. We also try to enable them to make decisions or choices for themselves. However if they decided to do something we thought was unsafe then we would have to make a decision which could be difficult. A decision could be that we stop them doing it but then we could be seen as denying them the right to take risks or if we let them do something dangerous then we could be seen as failing in our Duty of Care.

Task B- Case studies

Bi-Mrs Ahmed
Mrs Ahmed has diabetes and although I have a duty of care to her I do have to adhere to her medical requirements. As she is diabetic it is important for her to have a suitable diet. I would have to refuse to go to the shop for her although I would be denying her the right to take a risk. But when it comes to medical conditions like diabetes you can’t afford to take a risk and you have to stick to your diet.

I could go to my manager who would advise me on what’s best to do. I could also contact a diabetic nurse to see what they think. Also I could find information from the internet.

I have a Duty of Care to Leon,...