Ptlls Level 4 Assignment T7

Review a range of different assessment methods available and explain the ones you would use for your subject area. Evaluate the use of assessment methods in different contexts, including reference to initial assessment. Justify the types of assessment records you would complete and why.

There are several different assessment methods available which can be used throughout the teaching cycle. The London Metropolitan University website (2006) states that assessment plays an important part in the teaching-learning process at all levels of education, I believe this to be true.

Delivering sales and IT training I was often working with learners prior to designing a training session so my initial forms of assessment would include, listening, observation, peer assessment, interview with a line manager and work product which were always a really strong way to understand what a learners needs are and where to focus my attention in training sessions. Some learners have even come to me after self-assessment and asked me to help them address specific needs.

During the training session I would use formative assessment methods such as listening, observation, peer assessment, Q&A’s, self-assessment and professional discussion to enable me to understand the progress of learners. Work product has also helped me, especially when I am working one-to-one with learners over time.

For a summative assessment it hasn’t been appropriate for me to use the most common method of summative assessment, examinations. My summative assessment was linked to work product, seeing improvements in sales or the usage of software was the most common way for me to perform a summative assessment. I have used quizzes in some appropriate circumstances to give me immediate insight into the success of the course however work product has been the main judge of the success of the training.

In order to put various assessment methods into context I will apply them to where I think they fit with the...