Level 3 Assignment 1

Teaching Assistant level 3 Assignment 1
Question 1
Describe how you might contribute to a lesson given to a group of seven year old children learning to play percussion instruments.
The role of a teaching assistant is to be proactive in assisting the teacher to
  * Maximise learning,
  * Create a safe and positive learning environment
  * Minimise behavior problems.
To ensure that simple classroom rules are followed with regards to the safe use of musical equipment.
To ensure a suitable, safe space for all the equipment to be set up and that the working area is clean and tidy
Help teacher to set out equipment quickly and in an organised manner to establish this safe environment.
Knowledge of the instruments prior to the lesson, if I didn’t know I would ask the teacher to clarify the names and also how they were to be used.
Make sure children can access the learning materials; e.g. by assisting in organising the classroom environment (organisation of the instruments/keeping potentially problematic combination of children apart to avoid potential behavioural problems).
Help the children who may struggle to understand the lesson, model how to play – where needed and provide any extra support and encouragement they might need.
Let the child's interest be your guide.
Monitor their behaviors by supervising and to try and minimize disruptive behavior in line with the school policy,
Carry out observations on the children to make sure they have the ability to use the instruments and to achieve the outcome of the lesson.
Prepare to offer feedback at the end of the session to either the children or the teacher in a way that has been agreed.
Communicate effectively with the teacher specific duties he/she require
Praise and encouragement where appropriate
While the lesson is in progress remain calm and confident with any issues or questions that may arise and help the children to get the most out of the lesson.
During the lesson I may need to...