Diploma for the Children and Young Person’s Workforce- Level Induction- Assignment Health and Safety

Diploma for the children and young person’s workforce- Level
Induction- assignment Health and Safety

ERR-201 2.1, 2.5, 1.4
By law a company is required to produce a contract of employment within 2 months of the employer starting work.
As an apprentice you should legally only be working up to 40 hours a week. The law that will protect any apprentices is the ‘Apprenticeships, Skills, Children and Learning Act 2009’ (“ASCLA”). This law will protect apprentices from working hours, learning hours, minimum pay, minimum holiday etc.
My contact-
  My contact states I should be working a maximum of 40 hours per week on days Monday-Friday.
  My contract states I am entitled to 20 paid annual leave days per full annual leave year (1st jan – 31st dec) plus 8 days banks holidays.
  My contract states I should ring my manager an hour before my shift is due to start if I am calling in sick to inform her of the nature of my illness and when I am due to come back to work. I am also required to show a GP’s certification if I am off longer than 7 days. My entitlement to statutory sick pay will only be issued after 3 days of me being off due to being ill.
  My contact states I will be employed under a probation period for the first 6 months. This means I will be monitored and reviewed on my work to identify any weaknesses or concerns that may arise I will be giving an opportunity to rectify these, if after another appraisal I haven’t improved my contract will be terminated.
  My contact states I am required to give at least 4 weeks’ notice in writing to inform my employer of my intention to terminating my contract.

ERR- 201 2.2
Will complete when I receive my first pay slip.

ERR- 201 2.3
Personal information I should keep my employer up to date with are documents such as my home address, contact numbers, emergency contact numbers, national insurance number, bank account details, any relevant medical information.

027 2.4, EER- 201 1.1
The health and...