Unit 1 Careers Guidance

Certificate in Career Guidance and Development
Assignment 1
The Critical Reflective Evaluation
The Client I interviewed visited the College to discuss options in relation to becoming a nurse.   She already worked part time as a health secretary was attracted towards the health sector as she saw herself as a naturally altruistic person.   My Client now wished to become a nurse as she saw this as a more respectable position.   This was important to her as she wanted her children to be proud of her.   As she didn’t fully understand the options open to her, we used the interview to explore routes into nursing.   I ended the interview having asked the client to undertake her own research into Universities that accept access courses.
I believe I am primarily using tacit knowledge from previous interventions (Schon, 1983) refers to this as “reflection-in-action”.   Nursing is a pathway I have explored with my clients many times, so as soon as I am aware of the client’s goals I am automatically referring back to previous interventions from my experience.   Although (Schon, 1983) comments on the complex and fast moving nature of professional guidance I feel that my guidance is learned from experience of the same scenario.   I also structure my interview with the client in an organised way giving it a clear beginning, middle & end.   In the beginning stage of the interview I invite the client to express her reasons for seeking guidance, and to elaborate on what it is she is trying to achieve.   After a period of exploration with the client about her options and their feasibility we work together on agreeing a course of action.   This structured approach has its roots firmly in Egan’s model (Egan, 1975) during the interview my client was able to explore the reasons she wished to become a nurse.   There are limitations to this model such as its assumption that all clients are the same and that it is based on a problem existing which in turn suggests a solution will be offered....