Nvq Adult Social Care

Task B – Your work role

For this task you will need the following: a copy of your contract of employment or employment agreement. If you don’t have a written contract of employment e.g. if you are employed as a personal assistant, discuss your terms and conditions with your employer and make notes to help you to complete the task; A recent payslip or pay statement; Access to your workplace policies and procedures or notes from a discussion with your employer if you are employed as a personal assistant.

Bi) Describe the Terms and Conditions of your employment as set out in your contract of employment or employment agreement.

My contract states that I need to have two satisfactory references, and an enhanced DBS Disclosure this is to ensure that the legal requirements of the national minimum care standards (Care Standards Act 2000) are met. I need to have proof that I have permission to work in the UK. I must comply with the Care UK policies and procedures when wearing Personal Protective Equipment and Uniform where necessary. I should complete ALL mandatory training and develop relevant areas of competence, knowledge and qualifications in compliance with the Care Quality Commission. I am required to attend a supervision meeting every three months and also an appraisal once a year, this being a regulatory requirement. It is essential that confidentiality is maintained as you are working with vulnerable people and will be handling/receiving confidential information. I must observe the requirements of Care UK’s Health and Safety Guidance as provided in induction training and the staff handbook. I am responsible for reporting all accidents or incidents at work and documenting them on the appropriate forms as detailed in policies and procedures.