Different Working Relationships in an Adult Social Care Setting

different working relationships in an adult social care setting

In the health and social care setting there are many different working relationships. These relationships will include: colleagues, manager, other professionals such as doctors/district nurse, service users and their family and friends. For each you develop a different type of working relationship and some will be more formal than others e.g. You would not address a visiting doctor in the same manner as you would a service user and you would not address your manager in the same way as you would a colleague although you must ensure that you maintain a professional manner.

One relationship is with your team of integrated service providers. In that forum each team member shares information about their role and whether they believe that the care plan is effective or not. If not, a solution set is often proposed at the time efficacy is reviewed. Typically, this relationship is fairly formal and the meetings are routinely scheduled unless a problem arises.

Another relationship is the one you have with the person you are caring for. This is a one-on-one relationship. You need to LISTEN and OBSERVE while delivering care. You have conversations with the person and ask how they feel, what they need, etc. This is the most important relationship that you establish because the model used in adult social care is person-centred.

When appointed for the position, you would have agreed with the job description as part of a contract with the employer. So it is your legal responsibility to adhere to the scope your job role. It is your duty to understand the expectations of your job as well as understand professional boundaries. In order to be successful in your job, it is essential to be respectful and accountable.
Why is it important that you adhere to this? Would it be ok if you carried out tasks that you aren't trained for? Is it ok if you decide what is and is not confidential? Do you follow or ignore the...