Nvq 3 Health and Social Care Unit 307

Assignment 307 (handling information)

Data Protection Act 1998
Human Rights Act 1998
Freedom of Information Act 2000
Health and Social Care Act 2008

The effect of day to day practice would be constantly ensuring confidentiality daily by making sure that all information is written in a way that people can understand it.   Keeping it in a secure place and only passing information to someone who is relevant and for the right reasons. If your keeping records on a computer then passwords would always be used, work will have to be saved as you go, and a backup on a disk which would have to be kept as safe as paper records. Always ensure that information is passed on in the right way.   Your day would always be spent ensuring Information is safe.

I would explain the importance of confidentiality and the data protection act and explain how our system works. Also explain how it is important to keep records up to date regularly.   I would give practical examples not just verbal.   Show them filing cabinets and the filing system also show them any records kept on computers and how to keep secure i.e. saving, backing up and changing passwords regularly.   I would also advise how to keep records and data secure whilst out in the community.

I would explain that we have two types of filing systems electronic and paper.   I would show them how to file records and keep them up to date also   show them where and what information is relevant and how it is accessed i.e. locked cabinets and storage office.   I would show them the electronic information and how to update and the importance of saving, backing up, accuracy and how to change passwords regularly.

Task B (guidelines for the best practice in handling information)

·         Information needs to be clear and easy to read
·         Keeps records factual and not your own opinion
·         Use the correct date and sign if you are writing it
·         We always use black...