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1) You are asked to select a reading book for a three year old. Describe the features you would want within a book in order to fosters a child’s intellectual ability, such as colour recognition and shape recognition?
There are lots of different features that would foster a three year old intellectual ability in books. A lot of the books will have a simple but fairly short stories. They will have some repetitive lines in the story to get the child involved with plot and helps them to remember little bits. The sentence are used are of a low level of complexity that explains the motivation behind the actions shown on the page.   They can also be funny with bright colours and bold shapes in there to help with imagination. They can use non scary fairy tales as at that age they are still working out between fancy and reality. The best books that foster a three year old are the ones that might happen in real live i.e. getting lost, finding your way home or learning how to spell. These books could be classed as an adventure and the character solving a problem by them or with help.        
One my favourite books for that age is ‘WOW said the owl’ by Tim Hopgood. The use of colour and the repetition in this book is brilliant. The book is about a baby owl that decides to stay awake all day and is wowed by the different colours of the day and then by night. This book concentrates on the different colours we see in day to day life.