I will be discussing the Authentic Leadership; authenticity and transparency (40) concept and why this concept is meaningful to me as well as how this concept can help beat the ANGER syndrome. Authentic leaders are genuine, self-aware, self-actualized individuals who are aware of their strengths and weaknesses. They show their reel selves around people at all times; never acting different around people they may not know or be comfortable with. They never hide any types of weakness they have or mistakes they have made in the past, instead they learn from their past and constantly work to improve on what they can. They will never have the mindset of the type of person who just wants to “get by” or be average in life. They constantly make changes when there is an opportunity to help improve themselves as people. They choose to put the goals of their company in front of their own and concentrate on the results and not so much about the money. Authentic leaders have shown to follow their heart in some situations not just their mind. Constantly striving for greatness, never settling for just “good enough” when they know they can do better. Authentic leaders look down on arrogant people who think their better than everyone else because they know they don’t know everything and that there is always more to learn and gain from. Displaying attributes from the ANGER syndrome is a terrible way to go through life from an authentic leader’s perspective. They would much rather maximize their potential and be all that they can opposed to just going through the everyday motions of an average Joe. To be authentic is the best attribute you can have, people like and trust authentic people and no one enjoys being around someone who is fake. With that said I think it is clear to say that displaying authenticity will help you to overcome and beat the ANGER syndrome and the concepts that are associated with it.

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