Global Warming

       Many people question to what extent the United States should be concerned with global warming. Not many people are willing to give up their way of living to live a “greener” life. Along with many people thinking this way, they are ignorant to how massive this problem has become over the past few decades. The effects of global warming are increasing and becoming a big threat to Americans today; in other words, Americans should be very concerned with the growing problems that global warming is currently causing. Global warming isn’t only affecting our temperature, there are also many other, bigger, problems that can potentially cause harm to us as a nation. Global warming also has a lot to do with natural disasters that have occurred over the past few decades, which in turn, can and has caused many deaths amongst us, deaths meaning people and animals. Global warming also contributes to health hazards with the air being polluted with CO2. Also, many animals have also already died or been affected because of global warming and the changes it has caused towards natural habitats. Global warming also has drastically affected our economy. We are currently at an economic downfall and global warming has a lot to do with it. It increases our energy bill, gas prices, health costs, etc. The United States should be very concerned with this massive issue around the world, climate change; this can potentially affect the United States in terms of death rates, both people and animals, our economic downfall, and the effect on our animal’s natural habitats.

      First off, the way that climate change negatively effects us in terms of natural disasters and what they have had been doing in our country for the past decade; in terms of how many deaths we have had because of natural disasters. Recently we as Americans have had to deal with many major natural disasters over the past decade. There have been earthquakes, wild fires, land slides, floods and...

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