Dator, Katherine Anne D. Process Essay
II-1 BECed

“Surviving the First Day of class”

College life is way different from grade school and high school life especially for those who are in first year. They don’t know each other except maybe for those who are classmates before on their previous school, those who just met during the entrance exam, interview or enrolment day. Everyone have their own life to deal with and most of them have no time to entertain your questions. For some, the first day of class is their worst day, but there are tips on how to survive before, during and after the first day of class in college.

Before the first day of class, prepare all the things needed for school, like notebooks or binder, ball pen, class registration card, ID if already provided, a small medicine kit in case of emergency and other necessities. Next is avoid stress if possible. Stress can greatly affect you. It may lead to disorientation and lack of focus for the next day and one tip to avoid stress is to go to bed early and sleeping early. One should accumulate enough sleep to be ready for the big day. Going to bed early and sleeping early can let your body and mind relax for a little longer.

Surviving the night before the first day is nothing. When the big day comes, wake up on time to avoid being late and cramming. Next is to eat a healthy breakfast to stimulate your mind and energize your body because we all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. After eating, take a nice bath to soothe and relax your body. It will also keep your body fresh and blooming. Upon arrival to school, don’t hesitate to ask questions to those who you think are part of the school faculty or students who are in higher batch if you don’t know where your rooms are, but always ask politely and friendly. When inside the class, try to establish new friendship with others. Talk to them and befriend them. Also try to set a good example to everyone by being on time on...

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