Job Analysis and Selection     1

Job Analysis and Selection

Jeffrey Cabbs

April 28, 2009


Dr. James Ramere

Job Analysis and Selection     2

Job Analysis and Selection

Now that the merger of InterClean and EnviroTech is resolved, the merger has brought on a different perspective for the industrial cleaning service industry. This merger will also reveal a new workforce planning system for InterClean, meaning new job assignments and changes in job descriptions.   Employees from either the InterClean side or the EnviroTech side will fill six new positions. The positions that need filling are Vice President of Sales, Sales Manager, and Outside Sales Representatives. Qualifications and job descriptions for these current openings are available for viewing. The selection methods discussed in Chapter 7 Managing Human Resources will be the criteria that the hiring process will follow. These methods will help aid the hiring team in determining who the best candidate is for the position.

Job Analysis

“Job analysis is the foundation for forecasting the need for human resources as well as plans for such activities as training, transfer, or promotion” (Cascio, 2005). A competent human resource management team would consider that a thorough job analyses always be done, for they provide a deeper understanding of the behavioral requirements of jobs. From a legal standpoint, job analysis could play a role in the defense of employment practices like: interviews, tests, performance appraisal systems. It demonstrates that the practices in question are “job related.”

Workforce Planning System

“To make intelligent decisions about the people-related needs of a business, two types of

Job Analysis and Selection     3

information are essential: (1) a description of the work to be done, the skills needed, and the training and experience required for various jobs, and (2) a description of the future direction of

a business” (Cascio 2005)....

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