Unit 1 DB
Denise Alston
AIU MGMT499-02
Anyone can be inspirational to others; Steve Harvey is what you would called a natural born leader that emerged throughout his comic years, he command respect, take authority in his visions and projects in the community.   He has many ways of getting inspirational messages out to the public such as his radio show, books, and personal appearances. In his inspirational books he is compassionate about relationships; he is labeled a relationship expert on a national morning show and one of the well respected women’s magazines in the world (Excerpt: Steve Harvey’s, 2010). He is not a world leader but has great leadership qualities in his own way.
Steve Harvey has a project that is called The Steve Harvey Mentoring Weekend in which he and his staff teach young men around the country between the ages of 13-18, the principles of manhood and allow them the opportunity to envision and develop their dreams. During the mentoring weekend stay there is several activities and influential people attending such as motivational presentations with celebrities and business professionals, life building with Steve Harvey, and looking good and feeling healthy. There are fun activities which include tennis, football, fishing, cookouts and etc… His goal is to create a generation of inspirational men to become emotionally, politically and economically strong, and break the traits of being misguided young men. As you can see Steve Harvey is well respected in the community, has compassion, have a purpose with a goal, influential, recruit others to his cause, and always inspiring (Harvey, 2010).
An uninspiring leader is President Rupiah Band’s according to Fr Richard Luonde article (2011) because he delivered an uninspiring message in his 2011 MMD campaigns. The citizens of Kitwe were not interested in hearing about malicious attacks on the leader Michael Sata, who was an opponent. President Banda did not give any hope for the future and no...

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