Diversity Celebration

  What is the celebration called, when is it celebrated (month/year), and what purpose does the event serve?

  My favorite celebration would have to be Thanksgiving Day or even that particular Weekend considering the shopping opportunities afterward.   It is celebrated on the last Thursday in November and the food festivity usually carries over into the weekend. As a child, growing up in the same house with my grandparents I have learned to appreciate family gatherings. Thanksgiving Day is just one of those precious moments to catch up with relatives for the season. I have always been by my grandmother’s side when she would begin, a couple of weeks and days before Thanksgiving Day, gathering groceries and planning out the menu for the event.   I have had the opportunity to learn some of her secret recipes and just flat out love the reactions or appreciation given by the family for the great meal. It also gives the younger generation of my family the opportunity to participate by creating a dish to share.
  I come from a big family so this gathering usually requires a load of food.   It is not is a formal sit down atmosphere, the food is usually set up in buffet-style and people come to visit throughout the evening.   Believe me, there is always more that enough food and the doors are always open to extended friends of the family.   It is a tremendous blessing to be able to share at that time of the year and it teaches us to be grateful for what we have, which is “family”. I love to cook and truly look forward to taking time off from work to make sure that the gathering takes place and it something that I would like for my children to continue with their families.

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