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We always hear that some milk powder can make your baby smarter. Moreover, milk powder suppliers promote their product have a great of nutrition. However, we may not understand the nutrition what are. Thus, we analyze three parts in the report. These are the trend of milk powder in Hong Kong, powder milk advertising and other ways to help children grow without milk powder.

The trend of milk powder in Hong Kong

No doubt, advertising became a vital way for the milk powder to sell their product. It is because TV advertising can touch a lot of customers, also it can use some funny music and story to attract them. In the graph, we can see that the advertising costs were increase nearly 300% in May, 2009 to October, 2010.


These are two reasons to explain that. Firstly, enhance their competitiveness. In Hong Kong, we have some milk powder suppliers, such as Abbott and Mead Johnson. If they want to increase their income, they must use more ways to sell their product. TV advertising is a wonderful way for them. Moreover, they will follow to promote their product in advertising when they see others suppliers use advertising for sell.

Secondly, the Mainland parents lost confidence in milk powder after Mainland tainted milk scandal. Therefore, they buy milk powder in Hong Kong. Because it have more guarantee. Thus, the TV advertising can draw their attention and buy the product.

                                                                                      By admanGo

|Maximum expenditure of advertising(2011)                                                           |
|No.       |Brand                               |Advertising costs               |Change %             |
|         |                                   |(Ten million)                   |                     |
|1         |SK-II                               |8.53                           |71%...