New Stadiums

Why do They Really Build New Baseball Stadiums

When you think of the famous Yankee stadium, The Polo Grounds, Griffith Stadium, Wrigley Field, and so many other famous homes for some of the greatest Major League Baseball franchises you think of so many memories.   Some of these are good and some of these are bad but they always bring us back to the same old memories.   Every year there are still some big time franchises that feel the need to replace some of the stadiums that do not need to be.   If you ask me it is because the only concern on the owner’s mind is that they want to make money.   Throughout this essay you will hear from different analysts and experts on why owners are doing what they are doing and how these new stadiums are making money.

Back in the day people went to the ballpark to go watch a baseball game but now that just is not enough.   Now when we go to watch a game people go there to have an experience of some kind.   The new ballparks are not being built for the players but for the fans that know very little about the game at hand.   I think that Jack Rouse said it best when he stated "Baseball is sure not about nine guys on a field anymore. If we are going to hook people on baseball, we don't do it by making them sit through nine innings. If we can make the experience more pleasurable, we should."   I think this really says something about the game today.   Some of the newer ballparks today have added some “theme park” like attractions.   Some of these include play sets for kids or some even have arcades in them.   At U.S. Cellular Field for every game they offer a speed pitch machine, two arcades, and an obstacle course.   In addition they have some special game days where they will have different activities for people who don’t know that much about baseball and want to enjoy the experience of the ballpark.

With this some of the new stadiums that are going up there are some of the owners that are thinking about adding more luxury seats that...