Lucas Tyler
Com 101
Washington Redskins

Preview of paper, introduces the main points
  Main Point 1
    -Where they came from. How they got to D.C.
  Main Point 2
  -Field History
  Main Point 3
  -Playoff and Super bowl games
Review of everything that was talked about. Concluding the main points.

The Washington Redskins are located in the nation’s capital and have been around since 1937. They haven’t always been located in Washington and they weren’t always called the redskins.   During the 73 years in D.C. the team has won 3 super bowls and played in five total championship games.   Washington is worth 1.55 billion dollars, the second highest in the NFL.   The stadium which they play on holds more people than any other field in the NFL.
The team was originally located in Boston back in 1932 and was called the Boston Braves then later renamed the Redskins. The teams’ nicknames are the Skins or the Hogs. They were relocated to D.C. in 1937. Where they still play at as of today. The first game they played as the Washington Redskins was against the NY Giants which they won 13-3. The skins went on to win the eastern division with an 8-3 record. They also won the super bowl against the Bears that year.
FedEx field is located in Landover Maryland.   The stadium holds 91,704 people the most in the NFL. The making of the field started in 1994 and was finally open in 1997. The new stadium was built to replace the old and outdated RFK Stadium.   The total cost of the stadium was 250.5 million. The owner Daniel Snyder sold the naming rights to the field to FedEx for 7.6 million a year. Even though the arena is the largest in the NFL, the waiting list for season tickets has reached over 30 years. That might sound crazy but the team has never had a sellout game.
The Skins have won three super bowls and played in five. They have also played in six championship games and won 5. The team has one of the best NFC championship...