Impact of Ipl on the Sports Scenario in India

The Impact of IPL on the Sports Management Scenario In Pune.

This   Sunday pune was surely taken   by a thrill   when   The Sahara   Group purchased the Pune IPL ( Indian Premier League) team for a whopping Rs.1702 crores, making it the most expensive team for any   sport in India.   But to some this might seem to be slightly unfair to have two   teams from the same state. Now a lot of us are confused who to cheer for, the Mumbai Indians or the pune Peshwas / princes/ phetas .   Even as I am typing right now , my computer’s dictionary   recognises the word /place Mumbai and does not   recognise the term Pune . After the recognition that IPL promises to provide, chances are that our city Pune , will soon be accepted.

This is leading to a whole new dimension for the sporting fans and event managers in India. The purchase is now being followed by the construction of an all new state of the art stadium being built just 25 kms   from Pune at Gahunje along the Mumbai – Pune E- way. This stadium is expected to be complete by end of march 2011. The expected seating capacity is of 55,000 people. Rest assured there will   for sure be a large number   of happenings on these grounds.

An investment of Rs. 1702 crores that is some major investment, The Sahara Adventure Sports Group had other options that they could bid for like Nagpur and Ahmedabad , but why would they choose Pune??   The answer is very straight and clear , being,   good roads and connectivity, close proximity to Mumbai , a hippy ,young on-going college population and a very sport loving crowd. Whatever be their reasons Pune is Sure to progress because of this and especially the Event Industry.

A new stadium   being constructed in here would clearly indicates that after this stadium is constructed a lot of cricket matches will take place here and definitely the IPl .   This   is definitely going to put Pune under the lime light for quite some time. The profile of a sports manger is that he has to be passionate toward...