Project Costing

1.1 Memorandum to CEO

                                                                                        SP Construction,

                                                                                                                7th Jan 2010

To-     Ronald Bourke
            CEO, SP constructions.    

From - Swapnil Sinnarkar      
              Team Co-ordinator SP Constructions.

Subject - Regarding project selection and budget approval.

The purpose of memorandum is to share with you the update information about project selected for feasibility study for expansion of business into new field of construction.
Our successful delivery of commercial project and need for business expansion construction of sport venues is good option our organisation, with lot of opportunities and less competition as compared to other field construction.
To undertake this research on three projects me and m team need some approvals regarding budget and support from you.
Along with the letter I have enclosed budget of project, organisational chart and schedule for the project.
Looking forward for your reply.
Thanking you.

Yours Sincerely,
Swapnil Sinnarkar

Team- Co-ordinator.

Enclosure-     i) Organisational chart
                      ii) Estimated Budget
                      iii) Project Schedule

1.2 Organisational Chart-

Executive Summery:

This report includes analysis and research on sport venues as new field of business for...