Image 2 – Nazis and the Holocausts

What is the image about? Image description
This image is about Henisch explaining Keller’s life back when the Nazis took over the world. He explained Keller’s life and what happened with his wife and his son Eric, and Paul was trying to explain to him that Keller was still alive but Henisch did not believe him.

    ▪ ‘’He played for Hitler’’
    ▪ ‘’He sewed the yellow star to his clothing on his return to Vienna. He registered as a Jew’’
    ▪ ‘’Died’’? ‘’I do not like the word it is to…acquiescent, they did not die, they where murdered’’
    ▪ ‘’they where wonderful days, the empire was gone, broken. We sat in the cafes planning the new world. Eduard was in great demand the marriage had found something new in him some …. Fountain’’

The author opens up the image with an allegory by using an event what used to occur with Keller and Henish. Dramatic irony is used through this image when Paul is not aware of Keller’s death. This scene consists mostly of exposition when Henicsh is telling Paul about Keller’s past history life. A simile is used through this image ‘’A smokers face as a smoked face’’(figurative language). Rhetorical questions are used by Paul trying to make Henisch believe that Keller is still alive’’ But if I told you I knew him? That he lived in a hotel, a town called Darwin?’’ Henisch explained Keller’s registration as a metaphor saying’’ He sewed the yellow star to his clothing on his return to Vienna.’’