How Important Was the Wall Street Crash in the Rise to Power of the Nazis?

How Important was the Wall Street Crash in the Rise to Power of the NAZIS?
The Wall Street Crash of 1929 provided the spark that allowed the Nazi's to gain support. All of a sudden the support of the American's and the aid pans were withdrawn, Germany was again isolated and the economy was in crisis. The rise in Unemployment and a renewed fear of a Communist uprising gave Hitler's messages a new importance. People were again interested in the views of this extremist party. In a land where the government was struggling to control the economy, any alternative that appears to be willing and able, to deal with the problems, through whatever means, is in a very positive position.
The rise of the NAZIs was clearly visible from the election results, from having little say in the country in the short lived ‘Golden Years’, to having a dominance in the 1932 elections – although not winning the majority. By 1933, Hitler was viewed by many as the only man who could halt the rapid slide towards an economic and political shambles. Other politicians within Germany, despite their worries about Hitler's methods, turned to him and his party, partly through desperation. The end of the Weimar republic was here, the NAZIs, in the space of 5 years had turned from obscurity to the leaders of the German Republic.
Many think that the Wall Street crash was the key event that helped the NAZIs rise to power, but there are many other underlying reasons as to which encouraged the rise of power. The failures of the Weimar republic were a large one. Proportional representation had led to a series of weak and ineffectual governments; it allowed the NAZIs to become serious contenders without having a huge amount of public support. The government was perceived as being at fault for signing the treaty of Versailles and had lost support on several occasions for mismanaging the economic crisis.
Although, in my opinion the NAZIs strongest factor that helped there rise to power was Hitler. His...