Explain How the Nazi Party Was so Effectively Able to Consolidate Power by 19 34

The Nazi party was effective in its consolidation of power by various means. By 1934 the Nazi party established the apparatus of party dictatorship in Germany through strategies based on fear, threats and the restraint on individual rights as loyalty to the state was paramount. The Nazi party effectively consolidated power through the exaggeration of The Reichstag Fire’s seriousness in February 1933.   The Nazi party exemplified the lingering threat of communism thereby calling upon the authority to pass the enabling act of the Weimar constitution.   The Reichstag decree was thereby implemented nullifying many of the key civil liberties of German citizen’s whereby the basis of the totalitarian state was established. The decree continued relentlessly against all enemies of Nazism and conservatism, especially communists, socialists and trade unionists stifling opposition and taking its first steps towards the Nazi party’s ultimate consolidation of power.   This occurred between 22 June and 5 July 1933 were disbandment of political parties occurred.   Also the ‘co-ordination’ of the German society occurred adding to their consolidation in power. And lastly the night of the long knives which was the final and key event which led to the Nazi hard earn consolidate power towards the country of Germany.

After Hitler was appointed chancellor in January 1933, he wanted to build up mass support from the country in order to strengthen his position against both his political opponents and the President. Using propaganda and the resources of the state, he proclaimed the new government was projected as a government of national revival. The Nazis spoke of bridging the divisions within German society and the creation of a new sense of unity and community among the German people. Hitler wasted no time in consolidating his power in Germany after he had been appointed new chancellor.

Despite Hitler’s appeal to national revival, the reality was that from the start the Nazis used...