Myself, My Setting and My Roles and Responsibilities

My setting
In order to maintain the confidentiality of parents and children that use our setting I will use fictitious names throughout this and subsequent assignments.    
At this present time I am working at the Rheindahlen Childcare Centre (RCC), which is situated on an Army camp in Germany.   RCC is run by the Army Welfare Service (AWS) and is a full time nursery, open between 8.00 am to 5.00 pm, which accommodates session times for children that coincide with the schools on camp.
I have worked in RCC for just over 2 years and have really enjoyed by time there.   RCC has 3 main rooms for children aged 0 to 3 years.   The room where I mostly work is named ‘bouncing bunnies’ and nearly all children are aged 0 to 2 years.   I also provide cover for other rooms within RCC when there are staff shortages due to illness or staff attending development courses.   On average there are 15 children in our room with 6 practitioners.   We adopt a ratio of 3 practitioners to 1 child (3:1) but always try to ensure we have an extra member to carry out additional responsibilities such as warming bottles, changing nappies and communicating with the management team and/or parents.  
‘Bouncing bunnies’ room has been divided into six sections; construction, small world, role play, snack, messy and the quiet area.   We also have a main hall that has a soft play area and a child height kitchen which is used for baking.   There are several outside play areas which all utilised by all rooms.   Tassoni argues that large areas with a lot happening can be intimidating for young children and that by separating the room into smaller sections this can help a child to focus and feel more secure.   Tassoni also suggests that by adopting this approach it can also help with supervision and encourage children to play in different ways.   (Tassoni: 2006, p.176)

Roles and responsibilities
As a Practitioner working at RCC, I have many roles and responsibilities but first and foremost, I must ensure...