My Type of Management

My definition of management is an individual with the highest of qualities. Those qualities to name a few are:
  * Hardworking
  * Trustworthy
  * Communicative
  * Open minded
The list could go on and on, on what one individual would proceed as great qualities of a person in a management position. In the end I believe it comes down to a person with numerous years under their belt with a great sense of knowledge of their work place.
In my own personal experience I have had the privilege to be in the work environment managers that I absolutely loved and loathed. My personal favorite was one that I grew a fond employer relationship with, someone that was personable and whom I was not afraid to go to for advice in fear of retribution. In the end I worked for that manager for 5 years till its demise to the economy. On the other hand, my personal experience with my other manager whom I loathed, I felt, was a complete imbecile. Knew nothing about the position nor the other positions that she was looking under, any advice or problems that were brought to their attention was left with a blank stare and “I’ll get back to you on that one”.   It was a great case of lack of knowledge and competence for a position of that magnitude.
In the end I think it should take a great deal of consideration to put any person into a managerial position. Your end results could be as minuscule as schedules being out of wack or as big as the result in good employees leaving the company.