Management and Leadership

“Down with management and up with leadership is a bad idea”.   Discuss this statement illustrating your answer with an example from an organization of your choice.


To challenge and respond to this statement I will briefly explore the literature on management and leadership Then I will explore the role and function of management and try to explain that there are many types of managers and it is the leadership style they adopt that makes them effective

I will attempt to explain how managers differs to leaders finally I will in the same circumstances, together with how this affects organizational behaviour Finally I will evaluate a company I am familiar with and discuss its methods of management and leadership to evaluate which method is most appropriate.   My conclusion and recommendations will highlight the outcome of my research.

This statement suggests that removing management layers and have self managing teams is a bad idea and while I would like to argue that while self managing teams are successfully working in many organization   large bureaucratic organizations and many large private organizations operate through various functions such as planning, organizing, recruitment, budgeting and monitoring and control and these are a necessary layer of an organization however the large number of middle managers in hierarchial organizations are not necessary because the advancement of technology means that management can communicate directly with the shop floor or departments quickly.   These departments could have team leaders

In these days of self management automation etc it is not necessary to have middle managers who communicate with top managers and lower managers these just add to the bureaucracy and cost of a company

Many organisations are complex and have a number of jobs at different levels and can include functional areas such as HRM,   Finance managements while staff roles can be divided into areas such as managers plan organise...