Looking at the different jars of multivitamins and minerals, most of their contents have variable doses. Some have the strength less than the dose required by the body, some are just enough as the body requirements and there are few that are in higher doses more that what the average requirements of the body. Some similar vitamins and minerals have varied strengths as well. As briefly indicated in the jars and some in the leaflets, the recommended doses vary. Some are recommended to be taken only once daily, some twice daily and depending on the condition, higher doses are recommended. Some vitamins are required to be taken on higher doses more than the daily body requirement of an adult.
I am sure vitamins and minerals are all included in my diet especially that I eat fruits, vegetables, and all the essential foods daily. However, I am not so sure how much of each vitamins and minerals I am getting daily but I believe I get the amount I need as I am not noticing any health problem or disorders that can possibly be caused by any of the vitamins deficiency.
For me, I am not on taking vitamins supplements as long as the balanced diet is eaten everyday including all the basic food groups specifically including fresh fruits and vegetables. I believe vitamins should never be taken as substitute to any food element and should only be taken as "supplement" if highly needed. We have abundant natural sources of vitamins and minerals out there.
Taking supplemental vitamins do increase the daily total intake. Depending on the amount of vitamins and minerals intake from the food, if the amount is already more than what is required, it is possible that additional supplement can raise the level to toxic level. The iron for example, if more that what is needed is accumulated in the body it can cause iron toxicity because very little iron is excreted from the body and any excess accumulates in the tissues and organs. Generally taking more than what is required can cause fatal...