Healthy Eating Plan

Healthy Eating Plan Comparison

Krysta Fickes

Axia College

SCI 241


For some people eating a healthy diet brings up images of unsubstantial meals
consisting of vegetables, salads and little or no potatoes which is not suitable for growing boy
and hardworking men, at the same time as for others eating healthy means pleasing their body
with an assortment of colorful and natural foods that supply energy and guard against
disease. When doing my healthy eating plan, I was very shocked to see the outcome of the
results. It was an eye opener to me, that even though I thought that I was eating healthy, the
results showed that I had some improving to do in my diet. Today obesity is a huge problem
all over the world, but moreover obesity is a growing problem in children and more than likely
these children will grow up to be obese adults. Obesity is caused, according to doctors and
researchers, by an inactive lifestyle coupled with unhealthy eating patterns.
(Help with cooking 2001-2010)

      Current Eating Habits

I do not currently have what you would call healthy eating habits have improved over the past year due to my boyfriend having type 2 diabetes. I started cooking using olive oil in place of
vegetable oil. When cooking meats I either grill or broil them to eliminate most of the fat and
grease that either come naturally from the meats or from just frying them in oil. There was a
huge cut back in the amount of potatoes, rice and pasta in our diets. I have also started
substituting sweetener in place of sugar when cooking. It was something that took some getting
used to, but I was able to adjust to it without any problems. My boyfriend lost over 50 pounds
within the first 6 months, however I was not able to lose any weight, but only gained about 20
pounds. I have asked my family doctor why...