Junk Food

Society consists of many addictions but the most overlooked addiction is junk food. Junk food is food that is high in calories, fat and sugars that don’t have any nutritional importance. It also has some major disadvantages: it’s expensive, addictive and causes health complications.
One disadvantage of junk food is its very expensive .If you bought a soda fifty years ago, it would have measured about eight ounces. Today, a regular coke is twelve ounces and a large one is thirty-two ounces. That is just a small demonstration of how portion sizes have increased. The food producers have gradually increased the size of meal that a person is expected to consume in one sitting. They have increased the amount Americans eat and increased their sales. This begins in childhood, where five-year-old children now eat the amount an adult once ate. It is not surprising that obesity has become such a problem.
Another disadvantage is that junk food affects the brain. The brain runs off of glucose. When there is not enough glucose going to the brain, there isn’t any energy.   Junk foods are high in fatty acids, and the fatty acids clog the brain and it affects all processes of the brain such as communicating, learning and remembering. It also slows down metabolism of glucose and causes the brain not to function as well as it does in normal conditions.
Junk foods have a tough demand on elementary and mature emotions. They are usually sweet, rich, and very filling. Its fast, convenient, and no mess in the home. Also they add games or playgrounds to keep the kids occupied while parents get a break. It’s striking through commercials especially made for kids whom will bug their parents to take them. By increasing sales, toys are sold with meals. Half the time the kids don’t even touch the food. Sure, going out to eat was a once a week thing or only on special occasions. Now with so much variety and large amounts of franchises, even prices dropped or available ($1 dollar menus),...