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Assessment Task 4
What are two main responsibilities of the Senior Management in a company?
Senior Management is generally a team of individuals at the highest level of organisation. The team focus on managing the senior or executive management instead of day-to-day activities. Senior management is also responsible for project funding.
What are two main responsibilities of the Production Manager in a company?
A project manager is responsibilities for accomplishing the stated project objectives. The main responsibilities for a project manager are creating clear project objectives and managing triple constraint for projects which is the quality, time and cost.

Outline the importance of effective Quality Control to a successful company.
Quality Control is a process where the factors of a project's quality is tested. Three main aspects checked are :
  * Controls, job management, performance and identification records
  * Competence
  * Soft elements such as integrity, confidence and motivation.

How is company Efficiency related to worker productivity?
Company efficiency and worker productivity are related as one is dependent on the other. The workers productivity is what causes the company efficiency. If worker productivity is low then the efficiency of the business would be low as well.

Why would retaining and multi-tasking be important to a company working in the multimedia industry?
Retaining information and multi-tasking in multimedia is important as it is a
Give one job example to each of the following.
Professional Skilled Job

Multimedia Developer
Multimedia applications include computer-based interactive training, data presentation and information kiosks, CD-ROMs, entertainment and educational products, and multimedia presentations.

Multimedia developers may perform the following tasks:
  * talk with clients to see what is required
  * investigate, analyze and recommend appropriate equipment...