Multimedia Industry Study (Abc - New and Emerging Techonogies

Lets first start off with one of the most emerging things for cameras. The ability to record in 4k. While this technology has been released With all this 4k technology unsurfacing now, streaming media applications like Netflix is now releasing videos (Televisions shows and Films) which brings me to my next point.

It’s not about what you watch on television or why you watch it.

The question is now how you watch it.

Not only can you watch television shows on a television, but you can watch them on:
Smart Phones
Even Kindles

The ways to watch them is firstly:
An internet streaming media. You can watch NetFlix, on all of the Devices listed above, and NetFlix will be available to Australia on March 24th.

ABC iview:
ABC iview is the free internet TV service of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. You can use it to catch up on shows or if you want, watch live streams! ABC iview can be downloaded on your: Phones (Android or Apple), Laptops, Consoles and Kindles.

Youtube is a video sharing website where users are allowed to upload what they want anytime. It can also be use to live stream.

Social Media:
Social media is the easiest way to target a specific audience as you know it will reach those specific fans unlike advertising on radio or television.   Social Media is used to share the ABCS articles and if some breaking news is happening, then they can share it at an instant, which can reach hundreds of thousands of people just like that.

ABC App:
The ABC has their own APP. This app allows you to look at their articles and watch live T-V (Which includes a 24 hour stream) and the best Television and Radio   stations that the ABC has.